Just a Few Safety Reminders

While we may be all smiles, towing and our other services can prove dangerous. Whenever dealing with automobiles, especially damaged ones, there are precautions to follow. As a part of our duty as a Peoria towing service, we feel it is only proper to remind you of these.

You should take note of where you are at all times. If you are in or near Edmonton, call a towing service like us. It is best to call a towing service that is as close as possible to your location.

As a last piece of advice from this Peoria towing service, please refrain from staying inside the vehicle when it is being towed. It may look like fun, but it not comfortable or safe, so stay out as much as possible.

Assessing the Damage

For maximum efficiency, check for damage before calling us. Check all your tires, peek under the car to look for leaks, and note any broken or crushed sections. Some towing jobs need special tools to prepare the vehicle for towing, so we need to know the damage in order to send the right equipment.

If Damaged, Turn the Engine Off

As a towing Peoria service provider, we have seen our fair share of accidents. If you ever find yourself in a situation that may have damaged your vehicle beyond cracked windows and popped tires, turn the engine off. Your vehicle may be damaged and become a potential firebomb, so minimize the risks by cutting power to the engine.

Know as much as possible about your vehicle, so you can provide us with the information we need. Weight when fuel tank is full, tire size, and car make and model are the primary data we need, depending on the job you need us for. When we have the correct information, we can be quicker and more efficient at helping you.