What Our Clients Say

Best tow service in Edmonton. I drive beater cars so I'm always in need of a tow, they showed on time, great rates!! Need a tow? Call this man!!!
– Jan Post
I was very happy with the quality of service. The driver arrived with a flatbed to tow my 4x4 truck. He was very polite and the interior of the tow truck was very clean and comfortable to ride in. My truck was loaded carefully onto the flatbed and driven to the dealership for repair safely.
– Rachel McC
Earlier this week, I found myself in a tough situation and needed a tow. This created a lot of anxiety for me since it was a brand new experience. When I called the company, I was provided with a complete break down of the costs (which was quite reasonable!) and detailed answers to all of my questions. The driver was also extremely polite and arrived at the location in no time. I will be using their services in the future, and recommend it to others looking for an easy and quick solution with such honest individuals!
– Debora Cardoso
A friend of mine was pulled over for operating an unregistered motor vehicle last weekend. The office impounded her vehicle at 11:30 am. When we arrived at the impound lot to retrieve the vehicle, we apparently did not have the correct paper, the lady informed us we would need a tow, however, they closed at 3:30 and did not allow tow trucks in past 3pm (its was 2:45). I called 3 different companies, no one was able to accommodate. I finally got a hold of Alberta Rose, he gave me his word he would be there before 3 pm, and he was. The driver was polite and courteous, the bill was very reasonable as well. My experience was great, tight deadline was met and all was good!!! Would highly recommend!!
– Ryan M.
Fantastic service. Guy arrived on time and was efficient and friendly loading my vehicle. Towed my girlfriend and I all the way to Camrose and didn't make awkward small talk during the trip. Was very careful with my vehicle the whole time as well.
– Shane Kemmet
Fast and cost effective service on highway enroute to calgary! I had my young kids with me and the driver made sure they were comfortable. I highly recommend this towing company!!
– Gina Bajwa
I called this company because I had a flat tyre, I didnt have to wait too long, and the tow truck driver was very efficient and changed my tyre without any hiccups. I would definately call this company again as the rates are reasonable and I was very pleased with the service.
– Harkeerat Brar
On time and polite..
– Raja Tewatia
Thanks Alberta Rose towing for quick service...
– Murari Lal
quick and friendly service (:
– Danielle D
Fast courteous
– tuppence bushwrench