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Top 3 Ways to Prevent your Car from Breaking down

Keeping your car well-maintained can greatly reduce the chances that it will break down. Learn more in this article on how to prevent your cars from breaking down by doing regular service, checking things like tire pressure and corrosion on bodywork, and considering taking out a car warranty.

Why Vehicles Break Down
Unless you want to get stranded near the side of the road, breaking down can be avoided. 1) Tire Pressure: low tire pressure leads to excessive wear, reduced efficiency and overheating. 2) Make Sure Your Vehicle’s Fuel Tank is Full: The easiest way to avoid a fuel leak is to never let it go below half full. 3) If a Warning Light Appears Inspecting the Issue Is Crucial: Fluid drops on your car will look like bubbling milk.

Multiple Cars: When driving across country with multiple cars, drivers should stay at RV parks or campgrounds instead of hotels/motels in order achieve safety and cost savings.

Preventing your Car from Breaking Down
If you want to spend less time dealing with your car and repairs, then you need to take preventative measures. The first step is making sure that the oil is changed regularly. It’s also a good idea to have the car inspected every time it goes in for an oil change. Finally, lower driving speeds when possible which will increase the longevity of your tires.

What is a Flat Rate?
A flat rate is when a fee is charged based on the time spent working on a car or other project. For example, a service technician calibrating the drivetrain of an automobile will use a flat rate if they are being paid per hour. As it sounds, a flat rate isn’t adjusted for things like condition; all jobs are the same price so there’s no need to take into consideration for example, how busy the technician is with other tasks or whether stress caused physical changes such as calluses.

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