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We care you and your vehicle with complete safety on the road. There is no greater difficulty than a vehicle breakdown, whether you have commercial or personal vehicle. We offer a fleet of services to keep you road–ready.


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Towing services in Edmonton Alberta Rose. Towing has been providing its services for over 18 years. Over the years..

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choose the best heavy duty towing services in Edmonton that provide high-quality standard services....


Get the best roadside assistance coverage across Edmonton with Alberta Rose - includes towing, dead battery, flat tire and more.

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24-Hour towing in South Edmonton and the surrounding area. Alberta Rose provides 24 hours tow a day for all your towing needs.

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The growing season reaches its apex as the days become longer and warmer.

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Looking for a towing company in Edmonton? you've come to the right place. We know it's the worst day of your life when you need roadside assistance, but we show up fast and take care of you. We offer reliable and professional towing at a reasonable price. Anyone in need of a tow truck - we're the towing professionals - You want a trusted tow truck company that is reasonably priced and will work with your budget. We offer affordable towing services for any type of car, including new models, domestic, and international make and models. Give us a call or contact us online for prompt affordable service from one of the best towing companies in the Edmonton area.

Book Edmonton Tow Truck Service Now - Our team will get to the vehicle, assess the damage to ensure that it can be re-loaded on your tow truck where reliable transportation to our shop will be arranged. We're here for you - 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with easy towing. We provide roadside assistance and light-duty towing at the same service level as larger trucking companies in Edmonton do. we also do automotive services such as fuel delivery, vehicle lockout services, and more.

Alberta Rose Towing takes great pleasure in delivering high quality towing services to our clients. We give high priority to our clients. We are offering tow truck services in and around Edmonton with eco-friendly service approx 18 years. Right from personal to corporate clients, we have the capabilities of handling all of it. With years of experience in Towing services, our state of the art equipment are used for providing excellent services to our clients passing through Edmonton. We are the best and most reliable towing service providers in the industry that you can trust on.

Who requires towing services and when exactly is it needed?

Alberta Rose Towing Company offers towing services in and around Edmonton to a wide variety of customers including general public, commercial companies, private property customers, Automobile shops etc. So, in case you are need of tow Trucks service at cheap rates, we can help you out when you are in a bind. But, it is important to be able to recognize a situation that calls for such service. Read for tips to identify when you are in need of towing services.

For General Public

A breakdown or emergency can happen just any time. So, be prepared for it by saving Alberta Rose Towing’s help line number in your cell phone contacts. Whenever you need assistance, call us..

You have been involved in a collision

No matter how severe the situation appears to be, when it comes to a vehicle collision your first priority is to be safe. Once you have determined that you, your passengers, and the drivers and passengers in the other car are safe, you can then decide to tackle the situation by calling for help. A severe accident often calls for affordable Towing in your locations . Even if your vehicle is not totaled, you might not be in the condition to drive the vehicle. If you or your car is shaken up as the result of a collision, you can Call us and seek for appropriate assistance.

In case your trailer has toppled over

Often families go for an outing with a tow trailer behind the main vehicle for long outing trips and camping trips. In the middle of the journey, in case this trailer topples over, you would need the right assistance from a tow company, in order to set it straight again. Towing services like Alberta Rose Towing always comes prepared with assistance that help you to set your trailer in an upright position, so that you can continue on your way..

In case of a break down in the middle of the night

Being stranded in an unfamiliar area in the middle of the night is a scary situation for many individuals. Depending on the hour and the location, your chances of encountering a passerby might be relatively slim. In such a situation, you will need to call a reliable Towing company to help you fix your problem or transport you to safety. Under such circumstances, without giving a second thought do give us a call on our 24 hours towing helpline service.

For Commercial Companies

Alberta Rose towing has an extensive experience in towing commercial fleets. Having an account with us keeps you prepared for any sort of breakdowns, accidents and unpredictable events. We have the experience and modern equipment’s to move any kind of commercial vehicle. We understand that a disabled vehicle is detrimental to your business and could hamper your operations. So, in any situation like a collision, sudden breakdown etc., do call in for our towing services.

Private Property Customers Automotive Shops

Are you an owner of an automotive shop that requires towing services for their customers? Well then, Alberta Rose Towing is there at your services to help your customers. We will serve your customers efficiently and fairly, giving you a great first impression for availing our services. We are experienced in working with people in crisis situations and our professionalism and fair prices are sure to impress your customers. So, be it towing of a car, towing of a truck or any medium duty vehicle towing, we can assist you with safe transportation and towing to any location for repair or assistance. If you ever find yourself in need of towing services, please do not hesitate to contact Alberta Rose Towing. We are a leading towing company that offer assistance in South and around Edmonton. For additional information or assistance, you can call us on our helpline number or visit our website.

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